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Who We Are

VancouverWineTour.ca is a subsidiary of Seasons Event Group Inc, based in Langley BC. We've been offering some of the most exquisite luxury Vancouver wine tours since 2007 through our mother company. Our team's knowledge of the regions we tour reaches back all the way to 1985.

Our Mission

We beleive any company can offer "wine tours", but only a select few operators can leave their patrons with an aw inspiring experience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by offering only luxury transportation, working with the best local vineyards/wineries, and by having well put together tours that make the most of your time.


Q: How are these rates so low?
A: We keep our rates low by being the direct source for the wine tours we offer. We work with many companies that act as middle men by selling our wine tours to their customers for 10-50% above our posted rates. By booking directly through us, you won't need to pay a middle man, as we're the direct source for our tours.

Q: Are your rates per person, or per private chauffered vehicle?
A: Our rates are based on the private chauffered vehicle you choose, NOT per person. To make things easier, we've gone ahead and listed an example of what it'll cost per person (pre tax, and gratuity), if you fill the vehicle to it's max capacity. The per person price is NOT an additional cost ontop of the total vehicle rental rate. We've simply added this quick calculation (total trip cost (pre tax and tip) divided by total capacity) as a helpful way to understanding how affordable our tour rates are compared to other tour companies that offer per person pricing.

Q: Are the tours you offer actually in private luxury transportation?
A: Absolutely! We strongly believe the best wine tour is performed in private luxury transportation. We do not mix you in with other customers. The driver/vehicle are at your service only.

Q: What is included in the tour cost?
A: The tour price is specifically for the transportation over a set time period (EX: 4.5Hr Express, 6Hr Half Day, 8Hr Full Day) . As a complimentary additional service, we can make reservations at the wineries/vineyards for groups of 8 or more.

Q: How far away from Langley can I be picked up?
A: We'd be happy to pick you up at your home, business, hotel, or anywhere else within 1.5 hours of Langley, BC.

Q: How long does it take to visit each winery/vineyard?
A: Most groups take 30-45 minutes at each winery/vineyard, however some groups spend slightly less/more time. You decide when you want to leave each location. Our tours are best enjoyed at a relaxed pace.

Q: What's the best time to get initially picked up?
A: Most groups find that initially getting picked up around 10am - 11am is best suited for most tours. The tour timing is 100% up to you, as all tours are private and at your discretion.

Q: What happens if we have extra time after visiting all wineries/vineyards?
A: You're more than welcome to utilize the full time chartered at your discretion, so long as you end up in the same area as the drop off address listed in your contract.

Q: What months are your tours available?
A: All tours are available year round. Some holidays such as Christmas Day may not be available.

Q: Can we consume alcohol in the vehicle?
A: The consumption of alcohol in (ANY) motor vehicle, is strictly against the law in BC, regardless of age. *Section 44(1) Liquor Control Act of BC* . Your driver would be delighted to store your purchases in the vehicles locked luggage compartment until the end of your trip.

Q: Will the wineries/vineyards allow us to visit regardless of intoxication level, or guest behavior?
A: All wineries/vineyards have informed us that groups with passengers that are showing signs of heavy intoxication, whom are belligerent, or disruptive towards their general operations will NOT be permitted on their respective property. Please kindly ensure that all passengers in your group know their limits. We do everything on our end to ensure your day goes smooth, and hope everyone in your group is able to adhere to the wineries/vineyards requirements.

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